Pagan Pathfinders Podcast

Leaders & Elders of the Pagan & Magickal Community Gathering Together to Discourse, Debate & Discuss

Pagan Pathfinders Podcast

~ Meet the Pathfinders ~

Come and join our panel of leaders, authors, speakers, organizers, facilitators and communicators as we gather once a month around our "virtual council fire" to discourse on subjects relevant to the Pagan and Magickal community!  Some famous, some almost famous and some not-so-famous, all the members of this panel have been invited to participate by virtue of their contributions to the Pagan and Magickal movements, whether it is globally, on the Web, or in their own communities.  Each participant is respected in their chosen Path, has been practicing for many years, and has contributed significantly to the Pagan/Magickal movement.  We come from many different varieties of Paganism and all over the world.  We hope to bring you interesting and intelligent discussion, some friendly debate, and insights into Pagan life, thealogy/theology, ethics, and concerns.  Welcome!


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